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Soul Doctor Juleann

To Love All Serve All
Juleann is a certified Soul Doctor, and an instrument of Divine love.
She inherited ancient knowledge directly from enlightened Masters Shirdi Sai Baba and Kaleshwar from palm leaves that date back 2,000+ years. Whatever any Divine soul has done, you can do too through Paramashiva Yoga starting with the power of the five elements. We each need to also experience whatever the Divine souls experienced: working with the soul and angel channels, transforming karmas, healing souls, handling spirits and negativity, communicating and hooking angels, bringing your own energy up to connect and communicate with Mother Divine, and more. 

After receiving her spiritual awakening more than 11 years ago, Juleann continues to see spirits, angels and Divine souls with her eyes open and teach and heal with the same techniques Shiva + Parvati, Jesus + Mary, Buddha + Kuan Yin and all Divine souls know that has resulted in spiritual transformations, medical miracles, and more. 

After her Mother Ann was directly healed 100% supernaturally of her breast cancer by Kaleshwar via a distance healing, Juleann wanted to learn how to do it too. Kaleshwar who did miracles, gave transformative healings, raised the dead and even consciously died multiple times himself and returned to life (yoga samadhi), directly trained and certified Juleann. After seven years together, before he left his body in 2012, Kaleshwar told Juleann he gave her everything and to share it all; after more than 12 years now, Juleann continues to train others to do the same and greater.

Juleann communicates not only as a messenger; she trains Masters, not students, to awaken to the highest guru within them - one's soul. Juleann is here to share treasure chests of Divine energy and empower all to unlock the treasures within themselves. She teaches how to grow your soul’s light to be Divine and how to create direct Divine experiences that lead to lasting happiness. Her message is to love all, serve all. 

Soul Doctor Juleann has spoken at the United Nations, on the radio, and is a published author. Juleann’s mission is to heal, awaken and grow Masters by empowering souls with the ancient knowledge, meditations and healing techniques of the enlightened Masters that have returned after 2,000+ years in alignment with Divine truth, right action, peace and love now.

+++Soul Healings and transmissions of Divine energy tailored for each soul will be offered at SYF at the healing sanctuary. Individual healings throughout the festival and one group healing on Sunday morning will be offered. Juleann prescribes meditations instead of medications. +++

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