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Lyn Dilbeck

Lyn has been a student and teacher of Qi Gong, meditation, and the Internal Martial Arts for
thirty five years. Through his practice, he has come to know Qi Gong as a conscious
conversation occurring between human beings and the intelligent power of Creation. In Qi
Gong this intelligence and power is called Qi.
Lyn’s sincerity and passion as a teacher come from his knowing that the keys and principles of
this art apply to every experience of life, on every level. He sees and shares a sacred way of
living, a way of relating to our experiences of life that leads us from beliefs of separation and
limitation to ones of oneness and freedom. Along the way, we start remembering Who We Are;
we find the keys that facilitate the transformation of consciousness; we become a wise
navigator, able to move freely and with grace through the vibrational realms of our world.
Lyn has also shared through his book, Experiencing God’s Reflection – The Role Qi Gong Plays in
the Transformation of Consciousness and through his series of instructional manuals and dvds.
He continues to offer weekly classes and private instruction in Sedona Arizona. You are
welcome to contact him at SpiralingLifeForce@live.com.

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