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Jana Shiloh MA CCH has lived in Sedona for 31 years. she has been practicing homeopathy and vibrational medicine for 36 years and has been meditating since her mid 20's. She supervised meditation and taught it at early Ram Das retreats, and lived in an Ashram for 6 years. She taught meditation for large corporations for stress management in the mid 70s. Recently she has researched and discovered the effects of frequencies with meditation and the effects of imprinted water. Her latest book "HeartFusion the Magic of Imprinting Water" received rave reviews.

She trained with all the yogis in the US in the 1970s. She was a student of Ram Das, Hilda Charleton, then Jaya Ma whose ashram she lived in for 6 years. After that she pursued her inner guidance moving to Boulder CO in 1981 and began studying and practicing homeopathy and other forms of vibrational medicine. She's written 3 books and was awarded an Honorary Homeopathic Clinical Associate to the Physician to the Queen of England in 1991. Jana taught yoga and meditation 1970-1975 to local groups in NH and in health spas in NYC. Later in drug and alcohol rehab centers for 5 years. She was Certified in Classical Homeopathy (the first group ever) 1994 CCH. She taught meditation in workshops and to clients over the years; more recently with the White Buffalo Essence to groups and in the Elder Hostel groups (Roads Scholars now called) 3 times a year in Sedona. She has a private practice in Sedona and over the phone and Skype.

Her main connection is with Maha Avatar Babaji, she was initiated in India into Kriya

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