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Amean Hameed

HealingPAQ Inc.
United States
Amean is the founder of HealingPAQ, a non-profit educational foundation rooted in Divine intelligence and healing energy. Synthesizing the central concepts of Eastern and Western medicine, HealingPAQ promotes each individual’s unique connection with the Divine. Amean has cultivated the ability to communicate with Divine intelligence, Archangels, and Ascended Masters for healing the self, others, and the living earth by opening the heart to divine love, joy, peace, and compassion since 1987. Divine has assisted Amean to study, practice, and integrate a range of traditional systems, including Sufism, Taoism, the Chakra system, and physiology to promote the art and science of evidence-based healing. Amean's engineering, healing, and meditation background creates an ambient of scientific and spiritual environment. He is 61 years old sharing 70 years of practical experience.

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