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Lou Ann Bruck

Enriching Life Forever
Yoga Instructor for kids and co-author of Book: From My Heart to Yours
Sedona, Arizona
Have been teaching children, high school students and adults Yoga for over twenty  years - Zumba also for high school students! I love children's creativity and playful spirit! Besides doing postures of animals and other creatures, we will also play with an energy ball to ease into a mindful state of wonder and joy!
I've been a holistically minded person for the last 40 years - a retired compounding pharmacist! Also been a massage therapist and given Acutonics (acupuncture with tuning forks rather than needles) and Reiki treatments. Co-written a book with my husband recently: From My Heart to Yours  - a 365 day inspirational guide to help you find your way through life!  Offer a FREE gift of Ten Ways to Fall in Love with Life Again. We have created two video segments of people making a difference on YouTube under Enriching Life Forever!  We plan on filming more! Ask me about the FREE gift and any of the above!

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