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Saturday, March 16

12:45pm MST

Defense against the dark arts
Limited Capacity seats available

Rion and Alexander discuss various techniques on identifying, shielding and transmuting the distortions of Light found within the 3rd Dimensional reality. Discernment is an important component as we evolve into higher levels of consciousness. By mastering your energetic space, you will be able to identify and navigate incoming frequencies more rapidly and strategically. 4th Dimensional constructs will be pinpointed along with the entities and various races which exist therein. Real life experiences of Activations, personal and planetary, will be shared in the presentation along with viable techniques to promote Positivity and Abundance for All.

Rion De’Rouen, founder of Etheric Tech & Team Light, is a Galactic Ambassador & Planetary Guardian who creates 5D devices for Energetic Acceleration, Protection & Ascension. Alexander Mazzone, founder of Crystal Current Jewelry & Galactic Tarot is a Reiki Master & Shamanic Healer who creates tools to aid our mind/body/spiritual evolution.

Saturday March 16, 2019 12:45pm - 1:45pm MST

2:15pm MST

Astrology of Karma, Chakras and Healing
Limited Capacity seats available

Prior to each lifetime, your soul has set particular learning goals toward evolutionary growth and consciousness and has designed an experiential strategy for achieving them. Evolutionary astrology draws on ancient and modern tools of wisdom for intuitively revealing your soul's plan to your ego’s awareness. Once so informed, astrology can become another resource for the yoga of mindfulness, bringing your awareness back again and again to clarity, healing and fulfillment of karmic purpose. In this workshop, Barry will introduce the language and concepts of western astrology within an eastern, paradigm of soul evolvement, reflecting the elegance and loving grace of our divine reality. Using birth charts from clients and workshop participants, he will illustrate many ways that astrology can give keen insights into how the soul designs our personality and life dynamics, including the karmic gifts and imbalances we bring from the past, in order to attract and engage with the experiences from which we are here to learn and evolve.  As a practicing energy healer and life transformation coach, Barry will share the profound connections between the planets, human evolution, the chakras, personal healing, and the achievement of polarity balance (wholeness, enlightenment, etc).  “Know thyself” is an ancient admonition of spiritual wisdom. Astrology can be one of our best tools and practices for this. With just a basic understanding of astrology and an initial immersion into your own birth chart, it can empower your own ability to intuitively and objectively monitor the progress of your ego’s abilities to be in service to your soul.

avatar for Barry Kerr ASTROLOGER and Kristine Gay, AWAKENING COACH


Owner, Choose Conscious Living ASTROLOGY
Barry Kerr has 40 years of experience as an evolutionary, soul-based astrologer. His clients include many yogis, doctors, psychotherapists and other professionals around the world. Using Western astrology, Barry's approach incorporates the eastern Vedic principles of reincarnation... Read More →

Saturday March 16, 2019 2:15pm - 3:45pm MST
Classroom E201
Sunday, March 17

1:30pm MST

New ways of healing ancestral and epigenetic trauma in your life
Limited Capacity seats available

Science has proved that the traumas of our ancestors affect us through our DNA. Peter Chappell, a well known homeopath has spiritually and energetically created remedies to heal present traumas and ancestral wounds. One remedy he created for ancestral war, trauma and grief has transformed the lives of many, including those of the Rwanda massacre. Even more amazing is the remedy he created to heal AIDS in Africa. It has been amazingly successful. His story, how he did it and what we can learn from it will be shared. This is a new spiritual and inspirational little known step in the world of vibrational healing. Already, with this information, there are individuals repeating his work with their own explorations. There will be an opportunity to personally experience one of his remedies in a meditation.

avatar for Jana Shiloh

Jana Shiloh

presenter, Life Resources
Jana Shiloh MA CCH has lived in Sedona for 31 years. she has been practicing homeopathy and vibrational medicine for 36 years and has been meditating since her mid 20's. She supervised meditation and taught it at early Ram Das retreats, and lived in an Ashram for 6 years. She taught... Read More →

Sunday March 17, 2019 1:30pm - 3:00pm MST
Classroom D124
  Lecture / Talk, Energy Medicine
  • PARTICIPANT LEVEL No experience required
  • Style Energy Medicine
  • What to Expect Lecture and discussion 75% 25% experiential meditation
  • Participant Instructions Bring notebook and pens if desired

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