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Friday, March 15


The Science of Mindfulness
Limited Capacity seats available

We've all been told about the importance of slowing down the mind through meditation or another type of mindfulness exercise. Do we know why it's important or what is happening when we do?  Craig's logical mind wanted to know more about what is actually happening. This talk reviews that research.  Jammed packed from start to finish... We opening and close with powerful Visualization Exercises and in between, Craig walks us through a riveting exploration of recent science. Craig's presence on stage is entertaining and captivating.  In a fun and practical way, we will review several scientific studies completed over the past 75 years. These studies reveal a new correlation of data which exposes exactly what is happening in our bodies and our mind when we close our eyes to meditate.  Answers await. Let's review "The Science of Mindfulness."

avatar for Craig Goldberg

Craig Goldberg

President, Holistic Health Science
I love to connect and talk about anything holistic or related to health and wellness. I've been immersed in this field for the last few years and enjoy learning, sharing and conversing about making today better than yesterday. HHS is focused on using sound to support the body's ability... Read More →

avatar for Craig Goldberg

Craig Goldberg

President, Holistic Health Science
I love to connect and talk about anything holistic or related to health and wellness. I've been immersed in this field for the last few years and enjoy learning, sharing and conversing about making today better than yesterday. HHS is focused on using sound to support the body's ability... Read More →

Friday March 15, 2019 9:00am - 10:00am
Classroom A107


Surrendering into the Relationship Between Yin and Yang, Sun and Moon
In the story of Qi Gong, all Creation comes forth from a Oneness of Infinite Potential. To form Creation, this Infinite Oneness extends itself as three interrelating forces: Yin Qi (contraction), Yang Qi (expansion), and a divine intelligence that orchestrates the interrelating of these forces. But the story continues, for the Infinite Oneness and Creation then give all of themselves to one another to create all life, which includes you and I. We are this joining or interrelating between the Oneness of Infinite Potential (our consciousness) and Creation (our being or body). We are both consciousness and being-ness. This brings us to the practice of Qi Gong, for simply put, Qi Gong is the practice of interrelating or, in other words, the practice of relationship. The primary relationship within us is between our consciousness (soul or spirit) and our being (body). Another relationship within us is the interrelating taking place between the Yin Qi (moon) and Yang Qi (sun) forces that form our body. And then there are the relationships between the vibrational layers of our body. Because the Qi of Creation vibrates at different rates or frequencies, Creation has given us a multilayered body …… mental, emotional, energetic, and physical. All of these layers, too, are in relationship with one another. The purpose of the keys and principles handed down to us through the lineages of our practices is to remind us Who We Are and guide us in navigating these many relationships within us. As we work with these keys and principles, we start to remember that all of these relationships are orchestrated by the divine intelligence and power that is Creation. The practice is always showing us how to open ourselves to Her so that she may do her work (gong) through us. We are learning to let go of, and release our attachments to all beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that impede the flow within our internal relationships. In this way we open the pathways running through us that connect Heaven to Earth; that connect the Oneness of Infinite Possibilities to us and our world.

avatar for Lyn Dilbeck

Lyn Dilbeck

Lyn has been a student and teacher of Qi Gong, meditation, and the Internal Martial Arts forthirty five years. Through his practice, he has come to know Qi Gong as a consciousconversation occurring between human beings and the intelligent power of Creation. In QiGong this intelligence... Read More →

Friday March 15, 2019 11:00am - 12:30pm
Practice Field Part 2


Limited Capacity seats available

In this fun experiential workshop Ken Matarazzo will lead you into deeper awakens of your internal sense of time and help you tap into the rhythm of your body. Ken will teach you simple and fun elements of the Hand Dance Method (created by master hand drummer Glen Velez) and the ancient rhythmic form of Konnakol (South Indian rhythmic syllables). Through gentle body movement and accessible rhythmic language you will explore your unique perception of rhythm within space and time and open up to the pulse found deep within your body! No prior experience necessary. Ken Matarazzo is a Boulder, CO based percussionist and teacher who has studied and performed on frame drums and afro cuban percussion since the mid 90’s. Some of his teachers include master drummers Glen Velez, Layne Redmond, John Amira and Jamey Haddad. Ken has collaborated with diverse artists, such as Jerry Joseph, Layne Redmond, Jim Matus and most recently Kirtan Leader Mike Cohen. Ken currently serves as faculty in the Boulder, CO based Kirtan Leader Institute and plays in The Shakti Groove.

Friday March 15, 2019 12:45pm - 1:45pm
Kirtan Stage
  • PARTICIPANT LEVEL No experience required
  • Style Meditation
  • What to Expect 50% lecture/discussion, 50% practice (body movement and vocalizing)
  • Participant Instructions Bring a notebook and pad to record insights. No drums or prior experience required.
Saturday, March 16


Japa Yoga - Path of Upliftment and Freedom
Limited Capacity seats available

The human psyche craves harmony and abhors disharmony or discord. This fundamental truth of each of us determines the course of our life, and we take on an expansive and happy life only when we find the state which is always harmonious. This highest state is called Yoga, union with the absolute Self (which when known within is also known without).

If we look at this craving and aversion around harmony and discord we see that it enters every aspect of life, and when we dive deeply within we see that it is vibrational - it is both the nature of sound and the nature of our thoughts. The entire science of Yoga is rooted in the understanding that the great Yogis, sages and seers have shared about the nature of these vibrations, and how to use them in order to uplift our life, from the depths of materialism to the heights of absolute Consciousness - Satchidananda - Existence, Wisdom and Bliss Absolute. Each aspect of this inner science of awakening fits together to uplift the vibrations that we call thought, and thus also our speech and our action.

Mantra Yoga, or Japa Yoga, is one of the most pure and direct methods of upliftment within given us. The simple act of chanting takes us out of our worries and cares, helping us to be present in the moment, with more joy, resilience and resource in our lives. Moments or ecstasy are typically experienced in chanting Japa and Kirtan, and the mind itself is re-wired, centering us more and more within the great peace. Kirtan has become very popular in the west, not so yet Japa (repetition of Mantra). In this workshop we will both explore the theory behind Mantra chanting as well as techniques, while we join together to chant various sacred Japa Mantras.

avatar for Swami Sankarananda

Swami Sankarananda

Founder and Steward, Divine Grace Yoga Ashram
I am a simple peace pilgrim. After having experienced the grace of inner peace, having lived with and been guided by great Yogis in the Himalayas, and having travelled the USA for nearly five years, now I have been asked to tend to this desert oasis named Divine Grace Yoga Ashram... Read More →

Saturday March 16, 2019 9:00am - 10:00am
Classroom D124


Gong Fu Tea Ceremony
Chinese Gong Fu tea ceremony is a unique meditation where tea awakens your sense of smell, taste, touch, and sight on the outside. It warms your mouth and stomach on the inside as well as awaken your spirit with a calm alert as it connects body, mind, and spirit. The inner warm will move your lymphatic system and improve digestion and elimination.     Chinese Gong Fu tea is more relaxing experiences than Japanese tea ceremony. Lively conversations are encouraged while reflecting on what each tea is reviewing to you. Some people can sense the energy right away, others may take awhile. But in the end, all spirits are lifted with pure joy and calmness.     I called this experience tea attunement because you learning to attune to the energy of each tea that we drink.   

avatar for Tashi Lam

Tashi Lam

Co-Founder, Wuji Wellness, LLC
Tashi Lam started his internal martial art training with White Crane Kung Fu Grandmaster Ru Hu Zhu in 1995. He became an assistant in 1999. He opened his own school to share this art in 2004 in Phoenix when Grandmaster (GM) Zhu left AZ. Besides studying with GM Zhu, he studied with... Read More →

Saturday March 16, 2019 10:30am - 12:30pm
SPAC Lobby 995 Upper Red Rock Loop Rd
  • PARTICIPANT LEVEL No experience required
  • What to Expect 50 drinking, 30 discussion, 20 meditation
  • Participant Instructions Notebook and pen


The Art & Science of leading outstanding meditations!
Limited Capacity seats available

You've had some relaxing meditations, and then you've had some truly transformative ones! What makes the difference? How can you go from tongue-tied to mellifluous, and make a moment of attention in relaxation, one of profound healing? Come learn the Art & the Science of Meditation- * why it works * what to say * what not to say * how to use your voice to create a journey that transforms. This class is perfect for anyone who leads prayer groups, addiction circles, works with kids, hospice, yoga teachers & body/ energy workers. Your trade depends upon you offering your community what they desire, in the language that they can hear. You will be both a giver & receiver in this class, plus learn about the particular circumstances of the crowd you teach. Join me & come play with words with friends!

avatar for Kristen Eykel

Kristen Eykel

Meditation Teacher, Sacred Circle Media
My personal journey into Energy, Yoga and Healing techniques began while I was still modeling, and taught me how to deepen my awareness and to own myself for the very first time. As a model, I was a commodity, but through my study, learned that I was a Spiritual being having a Human... Read More →

Saturday March 16, 2019 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Classroom D124
  • PARTICIPANT LEVEL Open to all Levels
  • Style Meditation
  • CEU's Reiki, Yoga Alliance
  • What to Expect 25% meditation, 25% practice, 50% discussion with Q & A
  • Participant Instructions Come ready to relax and inspire! A notebook and pen are recommended for notes, plus a cushion or wrap to be comfy during class.


The Zen of....ummm.....actual Zen
Limited Capacity seats available

What is Zen? A Google search starting with "The Zen of" yields these top suggestions: "screaming," "python" (a computer language), and "social media marketing"). I don't think any of those are what the Buddha had in mind. Zen, as a school of Buddhism, has a long and rich history, but all of it points to one thing. What is this one thing? (Hint: it's not just pretending to be calm.) Zen is funny. Shunryu Suzuki famously said that he could explain Zen in two words: "Not always so." We will discuss a little of the history and practices, with opportunities to experience some of them for yourself. In this interactive session, you will have time to ask any question you like about Zen Buddhist practice.

avatar for Douglas Cheolseong Gentile

Douglas Cheolseong Gentile

Five Mountain Zen
Ven. Douglas Cheolsoeng Gentile, Ph.D., is an ordained Zen monk in the Five Mountain Zen Order and is an award-winning research scientist, educator, author, and is professor of developmental psychology at Iowa State University. In his research career, he has authored over 100 peer-reviewed... Read More →

Saturday March 16, 2019 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Classroom D124
Sunday, March 17


Introduction to Vipassana Meditation
Learn Vipassana Meditation, the deep, ancient silent meditation. We will use simple easy steps that anyone can learn. This is an especially good class for beginners or those have tried to meditate and think they can't. It is also helpful for teaching others.

avatar for Marjorie Muro

Marjorie Muro

Owner, Sedona Skies Meditations
Marjorie is the owner of Sedona Skies Meditations. She has practiced meditation regularly for 35 years. In her 20 years of employment with the Los Angeles Police Department as a Sr. Personnel Analyst and Peer Counselor, she experienced the stress of listening to, investigating and... Read More →

Sunday March 17, 2019 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Classroom C104
  • PARTICIPANT LEVEL Open to all Levels
  • Style Meditation
  • What to Expect 100% meditation training and experience
  • Participant Instructions If you have a special cushion or blanket bring it with you.

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