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Our story really begins when I was living in Bali as a single mama, 
where I was able to fully breathe in the daily spiritual energy of nature, 
temples and blissful local Hindu community and dive deeper into my 
own yoga and meditation practices. After 8 years living in Bali, I was 
ready to bring some of these experiences and simple joys to create
something special. 
When visiting California in 2016 I realized the connection and amazing 
interest of every person to explore inner growth and practice yoga and 
meditation as a daily ritual. So I started my travels across the U.S.A 
and discovered this beautiful passion from the east to west, from north to 
south and all in between for holistic healing and various practices such as 
yoga and meditation. 
Then, the universe connected my life between Bali and California. 
It was my friend Gilles Georget, who was living in Bali at the time, who 
paved the wave for Zafuko to be born. Gilles is the founder of Anadeo, 
which started in 1999 as an import/export company of Asian décor, and 
little by little he began focusing on products and accessories related to the
discipline of yoga and meditation.
And thus, the meditation cushions you see on our site were created and we 
have been creating new cushions and beautiful patterns ever since. 
Zafuko is a combination of 2 Japanese words as we know and use ZAFU; a
Japanese style meditation cushion and KO; meaning small.
Zafuko LLC is delighted to distribute these meditations cushions in the USA.

With love,
Katia van Roosbroeck, Owner Zafuko®

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