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Mary Albert

Thibodaux, Louisiana
I am beyond thrilled to share my craft with the folks of Sedona Arizona and all Yogis from around the world. All of my merchandise is hand-poured with infused ORGONE ENERGY. From PYRAMIDS, POWER ROCKS, and LARGE and SMALL TEALIGHT CANDLE HOLDERS.
Enjoy a beautiful way to protect your home or office from EMF dangers that wifi and the wireless world is plaguing on our physical, mental and spiritual health. As a critical care nurse and grateful cancer survivor, I became more and more curious about Electro Magnetic Fields in the workplace in addition to this wireless/smart technology generation we live in. I researched this topic with such intense and became astonished of all the scientific awareness, data and proof of wireless waves disrupting our bodies' natural balance. Hence the increase in depression, anxiety, fatigue, and most of all the increase of certain cancers developing in our young people of today. The information is out there but you have to do your own research. We have to make it our own responsibility to know the dangers of technology; from microwaves, cellphones, wifi, smart appliances ,satellite and radio towers,, etc.
The second phase of my research took me to the history and discovery of orgone energy and including production of orgonites. Organites are composed of organic and inorganic material that utilizes the dead EMF energy which stagnates our physical, emotional and spiritual energy. Through the biological sciences compressing crystals, metals and resin material together will take this harmful energy and emit into positive healthy energy.
So how does an Orgonite provide us with protection? Our body's are naturally made to balance and repair itself. It has its own natural harmony between life and source. But in this wireless technology that we live in today EMF's (Electro Magnetic Fields) disrupt our natural balance and harmony that was intended. The EMF wireless frequencies causes stagnation and degeneration of your energetic field. The science of properly constructed Orgonites aide in restoring the natural energy and healing balance. Place one in every room of your home or near wireless devices. Come out and enjoy the day and Celebration of this journey!

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