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Angela Fisher

Big Yoga Life
Berkeley, California
Practicing Yoga gives me a time and place to LOVE my body. I have been doing Yoga since 1999. I stumbled upon it while having back pain in college, and viewed it as some kind of miracle!  Over the years I've struggled BIG time being a bigger bodied person in various Yoga classes. In 2016 I went to a "Curvy Yoga Retreat" with Anna Guest Jelly who founded Curvy Yoga and realized "I could really do this teaching thing." I seriously never considered being a Yoga teacher since I didn't have the body type, Period. This idea that I didn't look like the teachers I saw when I went to my own Yoga classes was holding me back, and I decided to challenge myself and become a teacher. I signed up for a Yoga teacher training at the amazing non-profit Niroga Institute in Oakland. I got certified in Curvy Yoga, Yoga For All, Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga and Laughter Yoga. My goal is to make my teaching style as accessible as possible to ALL body types. My learning has not ended, but my life is officially changed. I am a big person teaching Yoga, and embracing the word BIG to mean a GOOD THING! I have wisdom to offer, and that is a big deal for me to admit. My classes are about embracing all body types, and especially welcome curvy people, queer people, people of color, and ALL genders & ALL sizes. Although I have studied Iyengar and Hatha extensively - I call my classes BodyLove Yoga. The emphasis of my classes are around self-love. Loving where your body is at, noticing where you need growth, challenge, strength, but also noticing where there is ease, where there is comfort and where there is love.​ If we all love our bodies a little more, think about the impact that can have in our immediate circles, and the world. We can use this practice to love our bodies more, which then helps us love parts of ourselves we don't like. We can then bring this to our family, friends, community and the world.    

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