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Aparna Amy Lewis is the Dean of the Vedic Spiritual Studies program at Vedika Global and a life member of her teacher Acharya Shunya’s Vedic Ecclesiastical Council. Aparna oversees ethical and cultural leadership for the community of member students, and teaches students as appointed Professor of Vedic Ethics, Vinay and Dharma studies, and Spiritual Discipline (9-Step Adwaita Vedanta Sadhana). She is the author of "Starting Your Spiritual Path - Advaita Vedanta's Four-Fold Qualifications for Self Enquiry". She writes regularly for Hamsa magazine, the official publication of the Spiritual Studies Program. Aparna also serves as Associate Ayurveda Faculty at Vedika, where she teaches Ayurveda Siddhanta (fundamentals) and Sadavritta (behavioral health). Aparna is a Vedika Global Certified Vaidya Bhushana (Ayurveda Clinical Specialist), with seven years of formal clinical Ayurveda training, specializing in Vedanta-based psychological and spiritual counseling. Aparna co-teaches spiritual classes and retreats, and teaches Ayurveda workshops throughout the U.S., and in Egypt, Britain and France. She maintains a private Ayurveda counseling practice in Portland OR, Emeryville CA, and Sedona AZ. Aparna’s internal commitment is to the central truth of Adwaita Vedanta – that we are all one. This inspires her to lead a life of service to this truth. Aparna was ordained into Acharya Shunya’s Vedic lineage in 2009, and since then, has devoted herself to embodying, preserving and sharing this ancient wisdom with the world.
Thursday, March 14

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